Marcus Klasson is a  consumer researcher at Lund University.

As a researcher, he is devoted to socio-cultural approaches to further understand market dynamics and operates within Consumer Culture Theory (CCT). CCT research address the dynamic relationships between consumer actions, the marketplace, and cultural meanings.

Marcus is, at the moment, particularly interested in the foodie culture and the emergence of high end street food. The emergence of the foodie culture refers to the immense and passionate interest in cooking and culinary trends that has emerged in Western cultures during the last 15 years. Since the end of the nineties, food consumption practices that were formerly regarded as trivial and mundane (e.g. traditionally low-involvement products like salt and bread) have increased value and engender higher consumer engagement. In effect of this consumer-oriented lifestyle is most likely the expanding exposure of cultural intermediaries such as celebrity chefs, mobile food eateries, food magazines, television shows, books, and not least various movements in social media.

Marcus is furthermore part of and operating within the research group Connoisseurship, Snobbery, and Cultivation and an affiliated researcher at the centre for retail research at Lund University.

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