Brand Culture: In Search of Identity

Boksläpp dagen till ära! Jag har författat delen “Brand Culture: In Search of Identity”. Boken i sin helhet heter Brand Theories. Nedan ett utdrag från Studentlitteratur.

Brand Theories – Perspectives on brands and branding

Brand Theories offers a multifaceted understanding of brands and branding. The purpose of the book is to provide the reader with a more advanced knowledge, by treating brands and branding from three different perspectives: a brand management perspective, a consumer perspective, and a critical perspective.

By allowing readers to shift perspectives, the book offers the unique opportunity to analyze and understand brand phenomena/branding practices from several angles at the same time. It thereby encourages a more reflective and nuanced approach, compared to many traditional brand management text books. Brand Theories primarily targets bachelor and master students in marketing, but would also be most interesting and useful to marketing and branding practitioners.



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