Speaking on Science Slam at the Skåne Food Festival

Skåne Food Innovation Network and Lund University Food Studies are arranging ‘Science Slam’ at the Skåne Food Festival. I will speak about a recent study of Sweden – The New Culinary Nation (Matlandet Sverige) initiative from a consumer culture perspective. More specifically the role of media and governmental policies in the attempt of creating a new Nordic cuisine.

So what is Skåne Food Festival? The Skåne Food Festival brings together small and big food producers who want to promote craftsmanship and the industry together. The aim is to create a regional meeting place where commercial interests and private individuals who are interested in food can meet annually and carry Skåne’s gastronomy forwards.

When: Friday May 22nd
Time: 13.00-14.30
Place: Morgondagens möjlighet (area at the festival)

More info:

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