Connoiseurship, Snobbery and Engagement: The Cultivation Trend’s Colonization of Mundane Consumption

Presenting the research project “Connoiseurship, Snobbery and Engagement: The Cultivation Trend’s Colonization of Mundane Consumption” at the centre for retail research, Lund University, 8 Dec 2014. The research group addresses the dynamic relationships between consumer actions, the marketplace, and cultural meanings in relation to contemporary consumer movements. Consumers in Western culture have increasingly turned from high cultural to low cultural consumption categories to cultivate themselves. Traditionally low cultural products, such as bread and salt, engender important notions of status in contemporary society. In an attempt to understand this development – largely focused around middle-class consumers – we address nerds of all sort, investigate foodies, people obsessed about triathlons, and individuals working in food trucks as well as looking into specific product categories such as coffee. Project members Sofia Ulver Marcus Klasson Jon Bertilsson Carys Egan-Wyer Ulf Johansson All from Lund University

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